G4 Máquinas | Boy Service

We have started in 2001 when two entrepreneurs united to offer quality technical assistance and retrofitting service on machines for cutting and soldering for the manufacturing of plastic bags. These two entrepreneurs had in their resumes the experience of several years as technical assistants and later on as managers in a company of the segment.

This union has been well received by the market, which promptly identified and assimilated Quality and Ethics in the works done. With the market’s approval, Boy Service Máquinas kept introducing equipment and accessories of their own production into already existing machines, supplying even to the biggest manufacturers of machines in the market.

Always aware about the market’s evolution and prioritizing quality and dynamism, in 2009 it has released its first machine under request from the client Plásticos Fabia. Ever since, the focus of the company has started to change, and then in 2011, another two entrepreneurs with an experience of more than 20 years in the segment and focus on creativity and management of projects united, thus forming G4 Máquinas.

This Group of entrepreneurs has as its main goal the concentration of power, capability and mostly the efficiency to develop, build, sell and offer total assistance to its customers, which are considered before everything else, friends.

With this, in this same year it has started an introduction in the market of machines capable of offering the most up-to-date in terms of technology and innovation.

In order to achieve a sustainable activity, it is necessary to find ways to reduce its impact and even create activities that promote improvements in the environment. Being sustainable is much more than just planting trees or creating spaces for garbage recycling. Therefore, the G4 Machines caring about the environment invested and became the first cutting/welding company to be 100% self-sustaining in renewable photovoltaic energy.

Team G4 Máquinas


To produce machines and accessories with excellence for the industry of flexible packaging and offer an efficient post-sales service for customers.


Be a reference in the market of machines for plastic bags and sacks, by the quality and innovation in its products with Socio-Environmental responsibility.


- Respect and value the individualities of the collaborators, suppliers and customers;
- Humanize the relationship and have ethics with the customers, collaborators and teams;
- Team spirit in every relationship;
- Satisfaction of the customer;
- Excellence in the processes and products;
- Economic, social and environmental sustainability.